iAuto 6.0.0 Installation Progress: step 1 of 19

Welcome to iAuto Installation Script

Welcome to the iAuto installer and thank you very much for choosing the iAuto Classified Script. Our goal is to provide the most versatile, flexible and easy-to-use classified script for your online business.

This script will help you install iAuto quickly and effortlessly. Some of the steps will require your inputs, while others will be performed automatically. All you need to do is follow the guidelines, and if in doubt, consult the Installation Manual. The contents of the install log at the lower part of the page should accompany any support requests associated with the installation.

Installation Progress

  1. Welcome to iAuto installation script
  2. Obtaining a license
  3. Check system requirements
  4. Change directory permissions
  5. Change file permissions
  6. Set database encoding to UTF8
  7. Checking local settings permissions
  8. Define local settings
  9. Checking cache directory permissions
  10. Create database tables
  11. Set admin login and password
  12. Checking .htaccess permissions
  13. Write .htaccess file for the Front End
  14. Write .htaccess file for the Admin Panel
  15. Deny write access to config files
  16. Checking config files permissions
  17. Checking directories permissions
  18. Install modules
  19. Complete installation